Catching Fire (#2 Hunger Games Trilogy)

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Frankly, I liked Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins a lot, but didn’t love it like I did the Hunger Games. I’m not sure why, but I have a few ideas. For one thing, there’s not as much action and although I’m not usually an action kind of reader (or movie viewer, for that matter), the action of the games in the first book really captured my attention. The pace in the second installment is noticeably slower. Another thing is that I don’t think the love story really grabs me and in Catching Fire it’s an arranged marriage of sorts, which doesn’t interest me much even though I do like both characters (Katniss and Peeta). The love story has also evolved into a triangle including Gale. So, the focal point of Catching Fire is the 75th Annual Hunger Games (an abbreviated version) in which previous Hunger Games winners compete. Readers may find the history, politics, and other  details of the nation of Panem interesting since these are explored more thoroughly. I have to say I was taken by surprise by the cliffhanger ending. I liked that very much!

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